Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Run Your Race"

Run the Amazing Race

Hey y'all. It's been a while since the last update. I haven't really felt up to doing anything. That includes FB, blogging, reading, Pinterest-ing (although that is my favorite zone-out therapy), and on somedays not even running! Actually typing "run" terrifies me. Will these legs ever get their muscle mass back? Hope so. Not being able to exercise, brain or body, has been one of the most challenging things throughout this process. It's not just physical. Your mind is attacked too. If I were only this?, if I could only do that?, if I could wash my face?'s like that some days. People tell me, "don't think like that." And they're right, those aren't the best thoughts (except washing my face is something I think I should strive for daily-gotta get that commercial contract with Clean and Clear nailed down). So I shouldn't be thinking those thoughts but I do think them. So please pray.

It's good to here what not to do but a lot of times, especially with someone who is critically ill, it's better to love on them by praying and by actions of love-not just by rebuking them. I've seen my Mom love me in action and in emotional support. It lifts a burden off my chest, similar to how Jesus lifts burdens off of us. Thankful for those people who lovingly lift burdens off of me and encourage me to cast my burdens on the Lord. I'm also thankful for the people who have loved for many years and tell me what's up (Dad!). I believe that reality checks are good at the right time and by the right people in your life. Dad helps me a lot... "get my head in the game", "giving up isn't an option", "you finished college with this disease", "run your race"...I always told Dad I wanted to go on the show "The Amazing Race" together. We'd probably kill each other with are hard heads haha. Only kidding. We didn't go on "The Amazing Race" but we are running ours right now. 

Running shoes on! 

Neurology Appointment Brief: 

This past week we made our way out toward Cary to Dr. Glenn's office. I've been having more aggressive seizures with full body involvement. Dr. P's office scheduled our visit before the violent seizures because a full neuro work up needed to be done. I had all the major tests done within the last year except an EEG and a spinal tap. I will be getting the EEG asap and the spinal tap when the seizures are under control. 

There was a specific anti-malarial drug that I took for three days in the middle of my two weeks off of antibiotics per doctors orders. We believe this drug, along with the toxic residue from antibiotics, caused the intense seizures.

We were supposed to start on the antibiotics today but was told to wait because of what the body had been through and also to get calmed down for the spinal tap. The doctor believes that my reaction to the anti-malarial drug indicates a strong presence of Babesia. Babesiosis is a malaria-like parasite that is less fatal than malaria, although people with certain conditions are at risk. (More on Babesiosis). I don't have those certain conditions and am thankful. Lyme disease is much more complex and has many other critters associated with it than I realized. Please pray for our family and the doctor as we deal with the Lyme, parasites and infections. Hopefully these next three weeks will be a healing time with no additional issues. And maybe some fun times out on the town with my love! As I asked Mom growing up, "'Maybe' doesn't mean 'no', does it?" :) 

Love to all, 

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