Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coffee Table Revamp

Finally a post about something really fun: decorating! Really don't know what my personal style is but I like pretty things. Pinterest has revolutionized my world (as it has for many women...and a handful of men I guess???). I was able to get out yesterday so Mom took me to T.J.Maxx! I was able to do one little DIY project with my purchase. 

Here's what I got: 

-One flower arrangement-wasn't sure about the green but I really like it now
-Three pillar candles 
-Copper plated tray it's really heavy and my favorite piece! 

I obviously want to keep my favorite piece looking mahh-valous. So, I needed to put something under the candles but didn't see anything that I liked at the store AND I wanted to save a buck. So here's what I used for the bottom:

-Brown felt
-2 sided tape (My aunt graciously gave me some of this-don't know if she remembers). 
-Sizzix Big Kick cutter (you can purchase items like this cutter and circle dies through my Mom's blog: I Stamp, I Sew
-Sizzix Circle cutting-dies

1. I took a 8"x12" piece of the felt and cut it in half so I could send it through the Big Kick 
2. Cut my circles out. Had a perfect match for the orange candles but had to cut off some of the excess felt around the cream one-that didn't look so great but no one will see it :)  
3. Used my two-sided tape to attach the felt to the bottom of the candles 


4. Arranged them on the tray with the flowers and enjoyed the atmosphere-Ken liked it too. He's so supportive!
If I only had a before picture of the table. It was a bowl of candy haha. Like this a lot better!

Although Lyme has so much pain involved I'm thankful for the little windows of time where the fun and beautiful things in life have a stronger presence than the pain. Today was very hard. I was sore from the hour that we were out yesterday. I walked with my cane so, I guess no pain, no gain. Today I tried to rest but it was difficult. 

Thankful for some more progress with the apartment. We're on a 5 year decorating plan. :) 


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