Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life Changer Part 3: Something's Not Right

I mentioned in my last "Life Changer" post (In July!) that I'd explain why we think I contracted something in Honduras. Only God knows what really happened. But in hindsight, knowing the issues I have now, it's likely that my health issues began in Honduras. 

That Was Like, So 7 Years Ago:

Let's go back to 2006-2007.  (Yes, I still say stupid things like the heading when joking around with Ken but it was more frequent in the glory days of high school :) In 2006 we had no idea that something was seriously wrong but the signs were there. I think my immune system was keeping the infections, bacterias, etc at bay until basketball season. I had really bad back and neck pain, but that kind of comes with the turf. I saw a chiropractor regularly throughout most of my senior year of high school (2006-2007). During basketball season's senior night I was pretty sick but didn't care so kept going (I remember missing maybe 2 days of school before I got to college). In the summer of 2007 my pain continued to get worse and our chiropractor said he believed it wasn't due to a structural problem and that seeing him was not really what I needed. I appreciate his honesty. He was right! 

So many memories...

Beginning of the Ceiling: 

One Sunday in July 2007 we were having a special get together after church with fireworks and ice-cream. Ice Cream!!! Anyway, as I was sitting in the service I felt this sharp pain in my lower back and felt tears welling up in my eyes. I was thinking, "something is way wrong" and decided to leave. I drove home and ran to my bed and screamed because the pain was so bad. That's the first time I remember staring at the ceiling and crying out to God. Lots of questions but somehow lots of praise because of what Jesus did for me. When God takes away your health somehow all other things in life eventually become praise items (it gets harder and harder to praise the more intense the treatments get). I'll never forget that evening. Didn't realize there would be SO many more days in bed staring at the ceiling. Sometimes praising. Sometimes asking "why" all day. Sometimes just staring. 

List of symptoms that I had not had previous to 2006-2007: (healthy as a horse from '89-'05)

-Neck Pain
-Back Pain
-Concentration Problems
-Decision Making Problems
-Severe Mood Swings

I know I'm going slow with these posts. I just pray that some detail helps someone on their medical journey. Been hearing about more and more people looking for medical help but find competent physicians lacking. Here is some advice that the first doctor gave, "just don't anything white". In other posts you'll hear more interesting comments from doctors.

I'm thankful we'll be going to a competent doctor tomorrow! Please pray. The disease is so volatile that we never know what the next treatment plan will be. 


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