Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Ken!

Upcoming Neurologist Appointment: 

Seizures have been a hallmark of Lyme life so far. This makes it extremely difficult to connect with people and keep up with thank you notes, birthdays, FB messages, friends, etc...I'm actually more prone to have a seizure if I'm interacting with people or doing things that cause me to think deeply-yes, very annoying. Recently, I guess within the last 5 days, I've been having violent seizures. My whole body convulses and my head is shaking uncontrollably. I had been doing better then, WHAM! Major seizures. Thankfully we go to the neurologist tomorrow. She believes in Lyme and from what I've heard from the nurse she's going to order a spinal tap and other tests to see if there are any other underlying conditions. 

Yesterday was a Special Day: 

Ken's birthday was yesterday! I'm so thankful for the day he was born and for the way his parents raised him. He has the most compassionate, humble spirit I've ever experienced. I was feeling so guilty that I didn't have a card made for him. I gave him a tie a while back for Chris and Tara's wedding but it's not the same as opening a present ON your birthday ya know. He wasn't expecting anything. I had 7 seizures yesterday. He's so easy going and understanding but it drives me nuts that I can't do more for him. This is where we are right now and it's time to "be" not "do". 

Ken's youngest siblings came to visit on their way back to Bob Jones. It was good to see Abby and Robert! They have such a sweet spirit and Robert always keeps us laughing. We had a nice dinner on Monday evening at Mom and Dad's. Robert helped Dad carry out our old fireplace/stove part. I see them down there lugging it out. Robert has flip flops on because dad just called him down randomly haha. Was praying for Robert's toes! No cuts or bruises. They hauled it out and Mom will be getting gas logs soon :) 
The birthday man! (Super handsome!)

Ken's parents sent us a beautiful gifts for our anniversary and for Ken's birthday. I received an African purse so I'll be stylin Lion King in the future. Mom and Dad gave Ken a nice gift for new clothes. Don't think he gets as excited about that as I do. :) We also have three kinds of brownies in the apartment! One is GF and my fav! Ken's one happy man. Thanks to both moms and Mrs. Boring-He loves your brownies btw...nice treat for him! 

You are SO loved Ken! 

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