Monday, February 17, 2014

Moving Forward

It's been a while since I've written. Over a month!

Lyme Update:

Mom and I went to see Dr. Pittman a few weeks ago and I'm still on an intense detox plan. Some things were changed up a bit but overall Dr. P is encouraged with the cleansing protocols. Just have to get the dead stuff out before we start killing again.

I absolutely LOVE accessories so here's a pic of my most recent. I got it on discount...FREE! oh yes. And no, it's not the watch I'm talking about, but I did find that at Loft for $8.00.

My cool bracelet that a nurse took off her arm and handed to me.
Lyme disease DOES hurt in many ways!
No matter what comments are made only the patient knows exactly how it feels. Thankful for the people around the world and especially the ones in my life that care without judging something they can't feel. God knows every nerve that misfires and every immune deficiency. I'm so thankful for my husband and how he trusts what I say I can do and that the pain is real. Lately I haven't felt like writing because of the insecurities the disease brings. It's hard to write and update without sounding like a complainer but also tell it how it is at the same time. I know there are people that care and this is for y'all :) And it also feels pretty good to just let it out. Very cathartic! 

Moving Forward:

SO as far as every day life goes I have ups and downs. The pain levels have decreased to an extent and pain attacks are less frequent. It's hard to get all of the treatments in during the day but Mom and Ken help a lot with that. It's hard to get out of bed still but at least I can walk. Never know when I'll feel OK or when I'll be doubled over in pain.  We still have a long road ahead but I think overall we are closer to the light.

Ken and I were able to move forward to a new stage in life. We moved! I had a huge flare during the move but it's starting to settle down. It was nice that we were able to move things over slowly because of the agreement with our landlords. The decor in the pics below definitely didn't fall into the house over night!

We've made a lot of progress. Of course I want it all Better Homes and Garden-ish right away. Patience!  Here are some pics of what we're doing with the place. Thankful for the new paint we were able to pick out!

Sherwin Williams-Sensuous Gray

Sherwin Williams- Rain Drop

Sherwin Williams- Main Walls: Creamy, Accent Wall: Poised Taupe 

Sherwin Williams- Sea Salt

If you're interested in decorating...a lot of the decor was purchased at Target. All of the bathroom pieces were and so were the window treatments. Gift cards from Christmas and my birthday definitely came in handy. Thanks! .... you know who you are :)

Praising God for taking away fear in my heart of sharing about lyme life and giving me some temporary relief to write this post. Praising God for a home to make memories in and to decorate. You may have seen my station all set up in the craft room. Mom and I are so excited! Maybe next time I'll share some cards.


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