Thursday, February 27, 2014

A New "Do"

Come on, get up! 

That's what I say to myself everyday when it's that time. When I was in HS I would hit the ground running and loved the mornings! But now, ...not so much. Making appointments is a challenge because I never know what the day will hold. Do any of us really know? Only God knows and numbers our days. But I had an appointment this week and with help made it on time! It did help that it was a hair appointment. I mean, come on, what woman doesn't feel better after a good hair cut? If you're local I know where you can get a good haircut! 

Mirante Mix Salon:

I'm trying to grow my locks out so I hadn't been for a hair trim in several months. In the "before" pic I felt like I had a thick mop on my head. I am thankful though because my hair was falling out like crazy due to the strong antibiotics I was on and it might happen again when I resume antibiotic treatment. Always tended to be frustrated with my semi-curly, thick hair. Then people would compliment me on my curls and I wished it was straight. We always want what we don't have. Recently I've been thankful that I have hair. It's interesting the things we take for granted. I did get my stylist, Amaris, to take some of the bulk out as you can see! 

Leanne, the owner of Mirante Mix and Amaris, my stylist. Leanne does mom's hair and has done mine once and does a great job! 

Layers to give some lift. Have this flat spot on my head. Yeah, I could totally ace that carry a book on your head thing they practice in refining school. It's all in the head shape I guess. Don't think we'll see many refining schools popping up anytime soon though...

My girl Amaris. She does a wonderful job! I love how "Zen" she is and how she always blow drys my hair and straightens it without me asking. I highly recommend her! 

Check out the salon's Facebook Page to get their contact info! 

Hoping I can stand this shoulder length hair until it gets a little longer. I was tempted to revert back to the angled bob but decided to overcome temptation...this time. 


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