Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Winter Wedding!

A Wedding at the Gassaway:

This past weekend we went down to Greenville, SC with my parents to see a long time friend tie the knot! I'm the same age as Courtney's younger sister, Kristin. We all grew up together at the same high school then went to the same college. 

The Gassaway Mansion is kind of a hidden treasure in Greenville. At least for us it is. It took me 5 years to get through college because of my health and I'd never seen the gorgeous mansion not 5 miles from campus! How do you miss something like this? But...I don't think looking for an old mansion was on my bucket list in college. Getting my diploma was THE bucket list. :)

Being at Courtney's wedding was extremely special because of the friend she's been to me. I've always known I could call or text she or Kristin about anything. When my health started declining rapidly Courtney came and stayed with me and made me meals. She is such an encouragement. I'm so thankful for faithful friends like Courtney and Kristin! 

Winter weddings are SO beautiful. Courtney's was extra beautiful!

Memories and...Lyme:

Two summers ago Ken and I got married at the same venue. I wasn't feeling well on the day we got married or this past weekend. But it was special to spend some of the night at the place where we got married. Here's a pic of us on our wedding day with the gorgeous mansion in the background:

Sadly we had to leave right after their ceremony ended. The tears just started coming. I thought, "We drove 5 hours to sit for 45 minutes?" "We were supposed to be at the whole thing and see a bunch of people." But then I realized we had seen the most important part. Their ceremony was Christ centered and very romantic. Glad Mom and Dad were able to enjoy the rest of the night at the wedding. You know the chatting, yummy dinner and cake part. :) 

You can't tell by this picture but part of the time we were at the wedding I saw double of everything. There were these beautiful crystal things hanging from the ceiling. Seeing millions of them was a real experience. Probably like having a disco party in Antarctica. My brain was foggy so talking to people was really hard. With the current treatment plan I'm on I have been passing out because of these symptoms coupled with pain. That night Ken saw it in my eyes like he always does and asked if I needed to go. So bummed. But we made it to her wedding even with Lyme. Thankful we could make another great memory.

Love this man

Beautiful pics and cake

Entrance of the Gassaway Mansion-so gorgeous!

The happy couple leaving!
And off they go. Courtney's fur wrap is so classy! Audrey Hepburn would be proud. Best wishes C and C!



  1. This was beautiful! Love the winter theme, love the wrap. Very Audrey Hepburn.

  2. It was gorgeous! Hope you're well, Sandi.

  3. Praise the Lord for His awesome provision of the time and health to be able to go and for giving you sweet, Ken!