Sunday, November 10, 2013

Customers and Cookies

Customer Acquisition 

No, we did not open a cookie shop! But a couple weeks ago we were contacted by a bakery based out of Massachusetts  Check out their bakery and our card fronts on their cookie boxes here -----> Bellavella Cookies The lady from Bellavella Cookies has been great. We get orders from the bakery on a consistent basis, almost every week! We are thankful for this opportunity that came to us. Praise the Lord! I can't work fast anymore but I still try to work hard. That's what I'm learning, it takes hard work, patience and diligence to get results. So keep at it if you have a small business or an Etsy shop going! 

Customer Retention

Anyone who owns a business knows that customer satisfaction is a key component to obtaining repeat customers. We use Etsy's business platform and they offer tools to keep customers happy. What I've realized over the past few months is that the more items you post to your shop, the more interest you get from potential customers. At first I was happy that we had a shop and some success on Mother's Day and Father's Day this year. However, we knew most of the people who bought from our shop. We're thankful they came to our shop! If you're one of our customers, just know that you rock! Our goal has been to keep our customers interested and gain customers by figuring out what people like and stocking the store with those items. Thankfully we have people from all over the country that buy from us now. I haven't written any posts that are serious or about business but I really enjoy the topic. Please leave comments on how you keep your customers happy. If you're one of our customers or interested in our products let us know what you like! 

This post is a result of my Dad encouraging me to have the link to our shop visible. Pretty good idea I'd say. :) So here is the link to our shop, The Rounded Corner Shop. I'll also be posting the link on the homepage of the blog so it's easy to find. 

Lyme treatments are going slow. Not much progress but not much regression either. Lots of raw pain and fatigue. We go to see the doctor soon. Even though it is miserable, I hope we get back on an antibiotic regime. Thanks to all who have been praying for us. This past Thursday was the 1 year anniversary of my diagnosis. It was very emotional. Lots of flashbacks but I'm thankful to God who is my sustainer! The light is at the end of the tunnel shine bright and eat a cookie while you're Rounding the Corner to get there! 


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