Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Surprise from "Team Robin"!

Today was the start of the second week on antibiotics for this round. So that means next week is OFF week! This past weekend I was super down because of a miserable week. I feel like my body and life are just wasting away. That's what I "feel". Learning that you cannot rely on feelings, especially during hard times. 

On Saturday Ken was getting some groceries and I heard a loud knock at the door. In my physical condition I get a little spooked when someone knocks when Ken's not here. So I grabbed my cane :) A little paranoid, I know. I hear someone unlocking the door and in walk my awesome parents with an amazing 4 star balloon bouquet! Each of the stars had "Team Robin" written on them and every balloon had our faces drawn on with a sharpie. This was SO encouraging! 

Mom and Dad have often referred to us as "Team Robin" during this trial because we all play different roles in the healing process: 

*Ken-incredible provider, friend, the most patient man I know and my love  *Mom-incredible nurse, friend and business partner (check out our store here-The Rounded Corner)! 
*Dad-incredible provider, friend, and encourager...he has a great sense of humor too and  keeps me laughing :) 
*Snickers-our Jack Russell not included in the bouquet...he comforts me when I'm down

At first I resisted being the one who was bedridden and floorridden. I wanted to contribute to the family and to society. I am realizing that this is a time to let go of independence and let others help. Most days I have no choice but to be dependent. I'm so thankful for my family who sits around me on the floor or holds me up at the dinner table so I can eat with them. A good support system is a blessing. The friends that have shown love have also been an extreme help. We are in this battle together, making progress and learning to walk by faith and not by sight!


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