Monday, July 1, 2013

Guest Speaker

Since it has been a very difficult day, Ken volunteered to do some of the blog post tonight. But before I show you his video on Lyme supplements, I'll introduce him :) 

Ken is my loving husband of almost 11 months. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme about 3 months after we married. He knew I was sick but chose to marry me anyway...little did we know the road we'd be traveling. My health rapidly declined last fall and he put his plans of more schooling on hold and went to work to provide for our needs. He has shown me unconditional love and acceptance since I've known him. Thankful to have this man in my life...can hear him killing himself with ab ripper right now haha. 

About 2 years ago-in incredible pain here.
PICC line probs-he keeps me smiling
Lyme is really complex (as in it can attack every system of the body) so each patient's treatment plan differs and usually changes based on how things are going. Just tried to upload Ken's video but it's not working. We'll have to try recording on another device soon. At least I got to introduce him. :) til next time peeps...


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