Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Long time no post

An Update: 

Thank you to those who have been praying for our family. I'm still struggling to respond to treatment. and some other complications like an infection and kidney stones. I'm currently on an antibiotic that will help with the infection. Because I've been off antibiotics and because there's so much bacteria to kill, I've been nauseas and have been feeling odd (only word I know to explain it). I heard that other than labor, kidney stones are the most painful thing to encounter. Chronic lyme pain can make you scream as your spine feels like it's being sliced, etc (just a little info for those who want to learn about lyme). I was surprised that passing the stones was no where near as painful as lyme-although I'm positive there are more painful stones to deal with-my heart goes out to you. Hopefully mainstream doctors will take Lyme disease more seriously one day.

Most of my doctor's patients do the chronic lyme treatments, push through and start living a fairly normal life. It's been more difficult in this case. But we have a lead on why I've had trouble moving forward-an inflamed gallbladder. Two other lyme patients similar to me have had theirs out recently and have noticed a significant decrease in pain. Tests confirmed that I need to get my gallbladder out. I go for surgery May, 8th and am really thankful for it.

SO thankful for Jesus and the hope He gives. There is always hope even when it's pitch black. Thankful for my family and for friends. Thanks for the love and support mom and dad and mom and dad T! Ken gets home from work and comes straight upstairs to talk to me when he could be eating. Which, if you know Ken...this is true love! I say, don't worry about me, but he still sits with me a little. Mom is here with me or going to appointments with me every day. So thankful for her giving spirit when she could be kickin' back and enjoying retired life (not that your old mom) ;)  Thanks for your love and continued prayers.



  1. Oh my! I'm so sorry! Been praying lots! Praise the Lord for the wonderful, loving, giving family He had graciously provided you with! And for Ken's job! God it's so good! Love you! Thank you for posting! Terri

  2. Love your posts and the way you write. It encourages me. And yes, it's so great to see you after work, it's absolutely worth putting dinner off for a little while. Proud of you for shining and not giving up! - Ken