Friday, July 17, 2015

10 Gluten Free Coupons and Newsletters

When I started this journey to find out what was wrong with my health I made several changes in my diet...including cutting gluten. I don't have celiacs but I feel horrible when I have too much gluten. So I'd say it's a "gluten intolerance". My Lyme doctor is hard core on diet. No gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, alcohol, etc  Side note: cigarettes are horrible for you in general, but even more so with Lyme. If you're a Lymie, avoid them! 

Although I don't follow a strenuous diet any more I still try to avoid gluten. Ken is a big, 6'6" eater and I'm a GF eater. This takes a toll on our grocery bill. You may have a similar situation. Here are some coupons and newsletters that will get us on our way to saving money on GF items!

1. Glutino

Every time we've bought glutino there's been a $1.00 off coupon enclosed for our next glutino purchase! Many mainstream grocery stores carry this brand- as opposed to some brands that you have to purchase online or at a specialty store. Out of all the glutino foods I've tried I'd have to say the garlic chips are my fave. Grab your coupon! 

2. Ian's

I think I've had Ian's once and it was yummy. They offer frozen foods like chicken nuggets that would be great for kid's lunches. When you visit this site “like” their FB page and you'll get the coupon. 

 3. Bob's Red Mill

Bobby throws down GF like a boss! The cornbread mix is great. Sign up for offers! 

4. Krusteaz

I've used the Krusteaz GF all purpose flour. Food made with this flour doesn't taste that much different than regular flour foods! 

Can't wait to try these "Plentils"! Enjoy the special offers! 

6. Schar

Use Schar's "Coupon Rocker" (<-----love this name!) to get great GF coupons! 

7. Udi's

I love Udi's! And these snicker doodle cookies sound SO tempting. Get the coupon when you click the link above and then more offers when you sign up for their newsletter. 

I've tried Van's GF waffles and they're tasty. Might have to give these pancakes a try! Sign up and enjoy. 

Not too familiar with Rudi's but I was thrilled to see that they offer tortillas. It's always hard to find GF flatbread to wrap up yummy food. Gotta find these! I'll be using this coupon right along with you. 

Ok. I had to put this glorious pizza in the line up. I try to stay away from dairy but on occasion I splurge for this pie. Ken will even sneak a piece...because it's that good! Don't eat this if you're lactose intolerant. If you are just GF then I doubt you'll regret this purchase! 

I hope you found this list helpful. You will find loads of recipes through these links as well. Most sites let you reprint the coupons after some time passes. What GF brands do you like? Are there coupons?! 

Happy GF eating! 


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