Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heart Handle Gift Bag Tutorial

Here's a quick tutorial that's quick, easy and pretty fun I'd say!

What you'll need:

-Brown paper bag (yep, like the kind used as a lunch bag) 
-Washi tape (Buy awesome washi tape here)
-Glitter Paper (or patterned/plain paper-it's your creation!)
-Rubber stamps (or use no text at all) 
-Miniature size clothespin (Purchase Here)
-Heart shaped punch or Frame lit (These two items can be bought here)

What you'll do to make your mah-valous gift bag:

1. Cut off the end of the lunch bag. You shouldn't be able to stand the lunch bag up after cutting. 

2. Fold the edges at the bottom of the bag toward the back of the bag and secure with washi tape (see pic below).

3. Punch or cut out the heart at the top of the bag to make the "handle".

4. Go to town with your washi tape. Decorate however you like! Would love to see YOUR creations. Leave a comment with a link to watcha made. :) 

5. Add a stamped sentiment or if your good at calligraphy, go for that. 

6. Last, but definitely not least, cut two small strips of glitter paper to fit your clothespin and glue the paper to the front and back of the pin. Fold over the top of your gift bag and clip the clothes pin on to secure. 

This project only took a few minutes. It would be great for a last minute gift! Kids could really get into this too. Their friends will love their personalized gift! My favorite part of this project is the washi tape. Where has this stuff been all my life?! I know it's all the rage now and I'm loving it! 

Grab your lunch bag and get crafty :) 


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